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It’s Friday and time to celebrate our success in education with #FlyHighFri!  Joining us to share her moment of victory this week is Mrs. Victoria Curry from the great state of New York.  Victoria’s passion and enthusiasm for education first led her to teaching.  She has since moved on to the challenging role of school administrating and now helping and guiding her staff to better facilitate students.  Victoria has found great support in twitter and encourages other educators to find innovative and positive ideas through engagement found via twitter.  You can find and follow Mrs. Curry on twitter by her handle @VictoriaCurry77.

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An opportunity to share one's passion as a teacher and help students reveal their talents, is a privilege and honor all educators share on a daily basis. Travis Sevilla is an artist and an educator who has recently found home as a multi-media/art instructor at Canyon Crest Academy.  An avid outdoorsman participating in surfing, cycling, bodysurfing, rock climbing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Travis has a passion for learning from many of his endeavors.  His lesson plans frequently translates life's pursuits and activities by introducing realistic and dynamic projects to students, incorporating the arts and design thinking.  With heavy emphasis in creative and critical thinking, Travis' students perceived limitations and reality are often challenged.

Among recognitions and award received, Travis has been recognized by Otis College of Art and Design as the Art Teacher of the Year 2012 for excellence in arts instruction, recipient of FIDM Teacher Grant 2011 Fellow with the Ahimsa Center for Nonviolence Studies K-12, Cal Poly Pomona 2010/11 Fellow with the Center for Teaching Critical Thinking and Creativity (CTCTC), and is a San Diego State University Board Member for ARTHATCH: Teen Art Program.  

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We are celebrating our weekly success in education with #FlyHighFri moment.  Sharing his defining moment of the week is our past guest, James Sturtevant.  A motivated and inspiring high school teacher from Ohio and the author of "You've Gotta Connect", James is always full of wisdom and wit.  

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TGIF! So, let's celebrate our weekly success with #FlyHighFri.  Joining Inspiring Educators today is a school counselor from Warren County, VA, Maria Kisner. Maria is all about instilling values and teaching life lessons to her crop of young ladies and gentlemen.

Maria participates with her #FlyHighFri at her school site as well as on twitter.  Join in and share your victory of the week and finish the week strong with a sprint to the weekend!

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Laura Sullivan is a GRAMMY® winning composer and recording artist. Her original music has been included in the score of two Emmy winning documentaries, as well as in many popular television programs and advertisements for Fortune 500 companies.   

Her recordings consistently receive more than 4 million spins a month on Pandora alone, among many other stations around the world, resulting in broad international airplay. Her albums have charted in the top 2 on The Zone reporter, the internationally recognized New Age and ambient radio chart.   

Her music publications are represented by Performing Rights organization BMI which holds more than 500 of her original compositions in her prolific Composer/Songwriter catalog.   Laura is the composer, arranger and visionary for the epic crowdsourcing video, 900 Voices, produced by herself and her Grammy® winning husband, Eric Sullivan. 900 Voices involves the singing participation of 938 people around the world singing in 27 languages, all in 1 song. 

Laura's 2015 collaborations include music created on forthcoming albums with Native American 17 year old virtuoso Gareth Laffely, as well as Grammy® nominated New Age artist Paul Avgerinos, among others. 

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The role of a school administrator is arguably one of the most challenging positions for any individual in a leadership position.  The ability to provide personal attention to daily details of individual student, parent, or staff member while orchestrating the mass to a cohesive common goal requires a level of competence and patience very few perfect during their tenure.  The clear difference between a leader instilling and providing a vision for the school and a manager merely maintaining the status quo, is the difference between a thriving and vibrant school of learners and an average school focused on percent gains on standardized tests.

Joining us on Inspiring Educators is Penny Sturtevant, a middle school Principal from Ohio.  Penny's unlikely journey into education as a teacher, counselor, and to her current role as the Principal reflects her people centered style of leadership.  The role of a Principal at top can be a lonely journey, but Penny's approach and philosophy, a great institution does not stand on any single leadership alone, but with an effective team, has set into motion a successful partnership with teachers, students, and parents.

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On Friday, we celebrate!  We celebrate our success in and outside the classroom.  #FlyHighFri is catching on and joining us to share his moment of triumph this week is Justin Birckbichler.  Justin is an elementary teacher in Virginia.  Inspiring Educators interviewed Justin this year in episode 43.  A tech savvy teacher, who's all about celebrating and sharing success, Justin is one of the co-founders of the #FlyHighFri movement and today, he has the mic!  

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Brilliant or Insane publisher and Hack Learning creator Mark Barnes has written six books on education technology, student-centered learning, using mobile devices and social media in the classroom, global learning and 21st-century assessment, using his revolutionary SE2R system. Mark Barnes is a recognized thought leader and one of education’s most dynamic speakers. A prolific content curator, Mark’s social media shares reach more than three million global educators every month.

As founder and publisher at Times 10 Books, Mark collaborates with some of education’s brightest authors and content creators, in an effort to re-imagine teaching and learning. The first book in Mark’s Hack Learning Series, Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School, debuted at Number 1 on Amazon in both Education Leadership and Professional Development, and it became an Amazon Bestseller in its first week. Mark’s Hack Learning mobile app delivers weekly Learn-Today-Implement-Tomorrow strategies to all education shareholders, through multiple audio/visual channels.

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