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Happy Friday!  We are back in Idaho to celebrate our victory in education with #FlyHighFri!  Our unsung hero is Mrs. Laurie Roberts, an AP English teacher who has found passion in teaching and guiding motivated students for the past 28 years strong.  Listen to one of the shining examples of what personal and professional commitment is all about, in and outside the classroom.  Join Inspiring Educators as Laurie helps us celebrate education and shares her key to creating a stronger bong with students.

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It’s Friday and time to celebrate individual success in education.  Joining us to share her #FlyHighFri moment of the week is Mrs. Tammy McMorrow of Kuna, Idaho.  Tammy has been teaching first grade for 22 years in Idaho and while first grade has its challenges, she feels the rewards are greater.  Tammy can't imagine teaching anyone but six-year olds and be forever in first. An avid reader and runner, Tammy joins us today with Inspiring Educators to share her victory for the week.


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It’s Friday and time to celebrate individual success in education.  Joining us to share his #FlyHighFri moment of the week is Mr. Simon Miller of Kellog, Idaho.  Simon is a technology coordinator, a Google certified educator, a Star Wars geek, and an avid runner.  After spending some years as the technology director for his school, Mr. Miller recently returned to the classroom settings. A lifelong learner and a progressive educator, Simon joins us today with Inspiring Educators to share his victory for the week.

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Dr. James (Jim) F. Burson is a sought-after basketball coaching consultant and motivational speaker. He is known as a “coach’s coach” (Sports Illustrated) for his lifetime commitment to improving the quality of the game at all levels and his passion for working with coaches to help them become the best they can be.

Jim’s second book, The Daily Nugget: Motivations for Basketball Coaches and Everyone Who Loves the Game, was published in April 2015 and launched at the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) annual convention held during the 2015 Final Four tournament. His first book, the best-selling The Golden Whistle ~ Going Beyond: The Journey to Coaching Success, was published exactly one year earlier at the same event.

Jim is a consultant for Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball and was strategic marketing consultant for 94Fifty (Infomotion Sports) during its startup years. He created and led the Nike Coaches Learning Academy, an annual invitation-only workshop for Nike’s elite youth coaches.

Past president and life member of the NABC, “Guardians of the Game,” Burson is a member of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame, where he is also on the board of directors, the strategic planning committee and co-chairs the annual induction ceremony.

Sports Illustrated featured Jim in a famous article about the complex Princeton Offense, crediting him with “cracking the code” of the offense and dubbing him “the Connector” and “the Disseminator” for his role in sharing its secrets with coaches around the country.

An all-time top ten Division III coach, chaired DIII basketball for the NCAA for many years, was part of the selection process for the Gold Medal Olympic team that included Michael Jordan (’84), and was named All-Time Assistant Coach for the USA Olympic Sports Festival.

Jim had a distinguished 42-year career at Muskingum University as head coach of the men’s basketball team and as professor of physical and health education. He served twice as chair of his department while serving simultaneously as athletic director, and founded the school’s athletic hall of fame. He received the university’s distinguished alumni and distinguished faculty awards.

During his tenure he founded one of the earliest youth basketball camps, which ran for 40 years, and also led coaches’ camps.

Jim graduated from Muskingum and earned his PhD and master’s degrees from The Ohio State University.

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It’s Friday and time to celebrate individual success in education.  Joining us to share her #FlyHighFri moment of the week is Mrs. Amy Fadeji.  Amy is the Principal of Penngrove Elementary in Penngorve, California and always knew she wanted to be a school principal to guide and work with motivated teachers and students.  A tech savvy and people centered leader, Amy recounts her journey from teacher to administrator and celebrates this week's moment of victory in education with Inspiring Educators.

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